Images - photography & video

A picture is worth 1000 words. So how much for a 60s video?

Strong images have always been important online and in print. Whether selecting images from the millions now available online, or creating new images to order, we think it's vital to first have a clear understanding of the message.

The moving image comes with a magic all its own, and advances in technology now mean you don't need to hire a full Hollywood film crew for months to tell your story.


We are experienced in taking photographs specially for business website use. Our photographs are not just there to look good - they're designed to put over a specific marketing message to your audience.

Video. But not just because we can.

Without a focus on your business needs video can eat through resources very quickly indeed. We'll let you know if we think web video is a fit for your business and, if it is, we can help you with cost effective web video production.

Photography & videos

Your business comes first

For photography & video, it's not just about looking good, but about communicating business messages. And if it looks as if there's a more cost effective way of doing this, then we're happy to say so.

Did you already shoot a video without noticing?

An effective business video need not involve protracted filming. Some good quality and on-message photos edited together with simple graphics and voiceover can be all that is needed and can be very cost effective. Sound like an idea? Give us a call...

Creating your video

If video looks like a cost effective solution for you, then we can produce small scale video entirely in-house. Our storyboard will be driven by your marketing needs. We can produce, shoot and edit your video. We'll add clear branding and an appropriate soundtrack and upload it to your chosen video host and embed it in your website.

Photo & video projects

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